Task 5. Open vs closed prisons

The differences between open and closed prisons.

Open prisons - for those inmates who can be trusted to stay within the prison (inmates can be reasonably trusted not to try to escape, they can even go on 'home leave')

Closed prisons - for those are not trusted to not attempt to escape (mostly inmates who are highly dangerous to the public or national security) The prisoners in closed prisons are mostly categorized as Standard Escape Risk, High Escape Risk, Exceptional Security Risk - based on their likelyhood of escaping.


1. Search the Internet or other sources and find advantages and disadvantages of open and closed prisons.

2. Read the article on "Risk from open prison criminals" and if possible listen to the story of Christian Ekkebus. The article is linked to the highlighted word ('article').

3. Work on the unknown vocabulary and check the meanings of any unknown word.

Pay special attention to the following vocabulary (the highlighted words are linked to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary):