Innovation Centre for Digital Education

Innovation Centre for Digital Education operates as a department under the umbrella of the Information Technology Foundation for Education and coordinates the activities of two consortia – Estonian e-University and Estonian e-Vet. The main objectives of these two consortia are to instigate and facilitate cooperation in universities and vocational schools respectively, to implement e-learning solutions and support e-learning related activities based on the principles of lifelong learning.

The team of Innovation Centre for Digital Education has experience with projects concentrating on various aspects of e-learning, especially areas concerned with building and sustaining networks, training teaching staff and providing technical solutions for e-learing providers. We are open to collaboration either within the framework of projects or bilateral agreements. We also provide consultation services for public and private enterprises.

Innovation Centre for Digital Education employs 8 full time employees and 5 contractors (as of April 2013).

Our Vision
Quality, flexible and internationally competitive higher and vocational education is available to different target groups in Estonia.

Our Mission
The mission of the Innovation Centre for Digital Education is to launch e-learning in vocational and higher education in Estonia.

Principal Objective
Methods of e-learning and information and communication technology (ICT) are an everyday, inseparable part of the learning process higher and vocational education.

Our Motto

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