Educational technologists

Educational technologist as a profession is considered to be very young and under constant development in Estonia. Currently there are 66 people working in this field. As a consequence, educational technologists need to multitask during everyday work.

Altogether educational technologists have five areas of responsibility within the schools:

  1. improvement of cooperation;
  2. staff training;
  3. project management;
  4. content development;
  5. dissemination.

Figure: The concept of educational technologists’ profession

It is important to notice that in Estonia it is a growing network of educational technologists. It means that there is constant information exchange and cooperation between them even though they are spread out all over the country in 43 different schools. In addition to their own cooperation to solve different issues in everyday work, they also bring together teachers that have same areas of interest.

To conclude, educational technologist is seen as a key person for creating a suitable environment of trust and communication within the school for development of e-learning which is the precondition for innovation and cooperation.


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