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One of the main goals of Information Technology Foundation for Education Innovation Centre is to assure quality in e-learning. Staff training system and support activities, development of infrastructure, the annual “Quality e-course“ label awarded since 2004 ensure that it is achieved. Estonian Innovation Centre  has developed its own quality label application procedure so every teacher or lecturer can apply for the quality label for their e-courses annually.


There are several activities/procedures in conjunction to staff training that help assess quality and achieve an overall goal – assure quality in e-learning. “E-course of the year” is an annual contest that is organized since 2004. All lecturers and teachers can submit their e-courses. The e-courses will be assessed by e-learning and faculty experts and the best course authors will be awarded. 

Before proceeding, please familiarise yourself with the full quality label application process here.

If you have an interest to see the history on how the quality label application process have developed, see more details in the following article: "E-learning Quality Assurance System for e-Courses in Estonia".


In order the apply for the quality label, you need to submit the following:

  1. Log in with your ID card. If this is your first visit at, you need to fill in your profile and activate the account upon first sign in;
  2. Complete the self-assessment;
  3. After completing the self-assessment, you have an option to apply for the quality label. Fill in the application;
  4. Institutional review needs to be completed separately and can be attached while filling in the application.

Already submitted documentation (self-assessment, application and institutional review) can be amended until the application round for the quality label closes on January 11, 2016.


  • E-courses meeting the quality criteria will be awarded quality labels. In addition, every applicant will receive extensive feedback from the panel of experts to improve their e-course.
  • Candidates for the „best e-course of the year“ will be nominated as a conclusion of the application round to acknowledge the most distinguished courses. Two grants of 2000 euros each will be awarded to one course from the e-University consortium and one from the e-VET consortium. The grants will be presented during the International conference of the Estonian e-Learning Innovation Centre.  

Further information:

Katrin Kiilaspää
Project Manager

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