ICT competences of teachers and lecturers

The knowledge level of teaching staff for using ICT in the learning process is very uneven. In order for them to be more aware of their existing skills and make right choices in choosing the most appropriate training courses, Innovation Centre for Digital Education started to elaborate ICT competences for teachers and lecturers. Since 2006 the ICT competences model for teachers, lecturers, and educational technologists (also for schools) has been available. Every competence in this model describes a skill that is known in their regular work. It can be used as self assessment tool to map individual ICT competences.

The model of ICT competences and all the courses in the e-learning program are connected in a way that every course in the program includes competences that can be achieved by the end of the course. The model of ICT competences will be annually revised and renewed by a group of e-learning experts.

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