Who we are

The Innovation Centre for Digital Education is a team of professionals engaged in initiating, coordinating and facilitating activities and developments in the field of ICT-supported learning in Estonian higher and vocational education.  We have ample experience in various aspects of e-learning, especially areas concerned with building and sustaining networks, training teaching staff, quality and project management and providing technical solutions for e-learning providers.


What we do

Staff training and support – We offer a wide range of training courses in collaboration with several universities and vocational schools aimed at improving ICT competences of the teaching staff concentrating mainly on e-learning methodologies, technologies and design. In addition, we also sustain a network of educational technologists ensuring direct support for the teachers and improved quality of courses.

E-learning content development – We coordinate the process and partially finance development of new e-courses and learning objects in Estonian higher and vocational education.

Quality management - We have developed a framework for quality assurance in e-learning including guidelines for course and learning object designers and a recognition process for acknowledging good practice.

Learning services – We provide multiple centralised services for institutions of higher and vocational education from virtual learning environments Moodle and IVA to multipoint video conferencing and a repository for storing and sharing learning resources.


How we work

We coordinate the activities of two consortia – the Estonian e-University consortium for universities and the Estonian e-VET (Vocational Education and Training) consortium for institutions of professional higher education and vocational schools covering about 90% and 84% of the student body in each segment respectively. Furthermore, we are responsible for the success of two national e-learning programmes funded by the European Social Fund. We strongly believe in cooperation between teaching institutions even across different education levels and strive towards greater efficiency and understanding on the benefits ICT offers an in ways it is implemented nationally.

We are open to collaboration either within the framework of projects or bilateral agreements. We also provide consultation services for public and private enterprises.

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