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Taotlus (23. 02. 2015. — 31. 12. 2015.)
Taotluse tüüp: e-kursus
Kursuse/õpiobjekti nimi: Fundamentals of Sustainable Transportation
Kool: Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
Ainekood: ELP0010
Kursuse/õpiobjekti esimene toimumise/kasutamise aeg: Spring 2016
Õppekava: EALM02
Maht: 3 EAP
Veebipõhise töö osakaal: 60 %
Õpetamise keel: Inglise
Kursuse/õpiobjekti väljatöötamise meeskond:
Nimi Kool Amet
Anton Pashkevich Tallinna Tehnikaülikool researcher
Merike Saar Tallinna Tehnikaülikool haridustehnoloog
Tehniline teostus: The web-based activities will take 60% of all teaching activities and will be realized in the Moodle environment. One of their main aims is to support all kinds of face-to-face actions of teaching process in the class room. Besides organization of students’ access to timetable and common subject rules, these activities will cover: 1. For support of lectures: a) Upload of reading materials in the form of presentations and reading materials as well as original sources and links; b) Upload of audio and video aids, for example, in the form of short movies which will point out the main focuses of each topic or each task; c) Organization of self-assessment questionnaires; 2. For support of exercises: a) Upload of examples with explanation in the form of text or video; b) Organization of calculation tasks in the form of homework which must be sent back for control; 3. For support of communication between lector and students: a) Organization of discussion forum which could cover all subject topics as well as concrete theme; b) Organization of consultation during concrete hours of week in the form of chart. Moodle environment can also support students’ group work by preparation of work course generally by usage of Moodle communication instruments.
Kursuse/õpiobjekti vajalikkuse põhjused: The course is designed for first year Master students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering with Logistics as the main field. This course is open also for students from other specializations of Civil Engineering and Economics Study as well as for foreign students (Erasmus students).
The main aim of this course is to give the Basic Fundamentals about the transport system, its sustainability, mobility, and the factors influencing on this, including the principles on road and street design, transport impacts including the impacts between the land use and mobility.
The main learning outcomes could be identified as:
- Student understands the fundamentals of traffic and mobility
- Student understands the fundamental elements of planning and infrastructure design, interconnections between the mobility and land use characteristics
- Student understands the impacts of the transport system (social, environmental and safety impacts) as well as the strategies and targets of EU regarding the transport development
Usage of moodle platform as well as different advantages of e-course could make this course more flexible in the perspective of time constraints, more preferable for students whose native language is not English and more attractive in case of material presentation.
Õppeprotsessi/sisu kirjeldus: This course consists of a number of lectures with exercises and course work. The first part covers the following topics:
- Introduction - Basics and overview on transport system structures and management
- Sustainability as a Challenge for Transport Planning
- Sustainability Issues in Urban Transport
- Measuring the sustainability in transport - congestion problem
- Historical overview - how the focuses in transport planning have been changed
- Special issues on urban transport
- Transport impacts - safety, environment, time, energy
- Road traffic accident data collection and classification methods
- Analysis of pedestrian and bicycle traffic and infrastructure
- Fundamentals on road and street design
- Special issues on public transport planning
- Summary of the course
The second part is student individual or group work on transportation topic. The main aim of this part is creation and process of the transport analysis exercise.
Õppijate hindamine: Exam performance between grades 0-5 =
20 % online test based on exercises +
35 % written exam +
45 % course work
Hindamine (23. 02. 2015. — 31. 12. 2015.)
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Kursuse/õpiobjekti esitlemine (23. 02. 2015. — 31. 12. 2015.)
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Nimi: Anton Pashkevich
E-mail: E-mail
Kool: Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
Amet: researcher
Telefon: +372 55 29 162
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